Myths around casinos

Myth 1: It’s good for newbies.

Obviously, the regulars are more unlucky than the newbies. The simple reason is that the old-timers’ winnings are ignored. Also, when a newcomer wins, especially when he puts his chip on one number and gets a stack of 36 chips in return, he cheers louder and gets more attention from others.

Myth 2: If ten (20, 30…) times fell out “red”, now it will definitely fall out “black”!

This mistake is purely from the field of psychology. Generally speaking, the probability that ten times in a row will fall “red” is very small, less than 0.1%. Thus, if “red” falls nine times, it is logical that “black” will fall ten times. In fact, the key point here is that nine times “red” has already occurred, so the probability of “red” and “black” occurring is still 50/50, respectively. In other words, the probability of “red” falling out ten times is equal to the probability of “red” falling out nine times and “black” falling out nine times.

Myth 3: You can’t cheat a casino.

I’m not wrong. The idea that you can never win at a casino is as much a myth as the fact that you actually can. In theory, it is possible to win. People who want to wait for a bright streak in their lives have to start with more money, and the likelihood that they will end the “run” without waiting for the right color is no longer so ghostly.

Myth 4: The casino plays roulette so that you lose.

Quite the opposite, casinos do everything they can to ensure that roulette works accurately, which means that the numbers fall out completely at random. You can tweak this slot machine by setting any probability of winning, but the player still won’t check.

Myth 5: A casino is a place where people often lose because it is expensive.

In a casino, you can win exactly as much as you want to lose. For example, the minimum bet in a Monte Carlo casino is 5 euros. This means that you can play all evening for 100 euros and get positive emotions. Alternatively, you can lose that hundred in three minutes without experiencing the slightest pleasure.

How to save money and get a good mood in roulette

First of all, never bet on a specific number! Secondly, you should not use “black-red”. This is the most affordable and attractive option if you are a beginner. With a probability of about fifty-five percent, you will either lose your chip or win two chips instead of one. This is better than betting on a certain number, naively thinking that Fortune is sleeping and watching your attention.


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